What it is and what it isn’t.

First of all welcome to my new blog, Hungary for Wine.

Some of you may be familiar with the Paprika Project, my previous blog which documented our move to Hungary and our travels and experiences here. Due to a hectic 2017 I had very little time to explore, let alone write. And so  blogging became a once every couple of months thing instead of an every week deal.  (Additionally I made an idiotic mistake concerning website back up files.)*

Throughout this time, however, the fascinating world of Hungarian wine has still continued to captivate me more than anything else.  This has led me to focus my time and activities on all things wine. In many ways it is actually the perfect way to get to know a place: geography, geology, climate, weather, agriculture, history, traditions, culture, gastronomy, commerce, etc.  Getting to know the minutiae of even a single region could take a lifetime of learning.

2018 is shaping up to be a bit mellower than last year. My goal with Hungary for Wine is to document my experiences with Hungarian wines and share them with those who are interested. Information on Hungarian wine in English is limited (although it has come along way); I hope to break down some barriers. Plans include continuing my wine education with WSET as well as visiting as many wineries as possible. And of course sharing articles, photos and perhaps video about these visits. There’s certainly a lot to learn, but that of course is the whole point!

What it is

  • a blog about Hungarian wine including reviews and suggestions
  • a source of opinions coming from an amateur wine enthusiast
  • an educational journey
  • a place to share and connect

What it isn’t

  • the final word on anything
  • a wine snob site

*I seem to have screwed up all my back up files from the Paprika Project. I have the files but am unable to upload them correctly to the site. It’s a long story, but if anyone has experience with these things please contact me.