Let us say, by way of Analogy, you, in the core of your body, reside as the driver of the automobile. The vehicle’s motor resides in the body’s mind, in the mind. As the driver you can have the most gorgeous ideals, goals, goals, hopes, dreams, wishes and desires, and be stuck right where you are, if the engine is not working. We need to understand A bit about our mind engine as the vehicle’s driver, we could go places, do things. As the driver, in our center, we might be frustrated if these dreams, desires and hopes and wishes are obstructed, as the mind engine is not firing on all cylinders. It requires a tune-up. Its timing reset is needed by it. Parts will need to be lubricated. Our brain functions, referred to are extremely active, a lot of parts. Our brain is older, deeper fixed it is moving parts. The part with the parts, and at rest, at ease, is that area of the brain called ‘the reptilian brain’ herein known as ‘the brain.’Mental Health

The brain is the cornerstone, the power, the origin. The biological brain Engine from the body vehicle, where you are in the driver’s seat’s core, is smart. Though we are more sophisticated in executive and emotional functions, we have sacrificed integration of the reptile, that creature, at ease, at peace in the world, in our own lives, in favor of executive functioning, which principle with iron-fisted realities. It is like an engine being run at the line. It is likely to wear the components down. Turning off the functions that are psychological, and the acts, simplicity and to live in peace, the be idle, is a tune up for the brain engine. However, the executive functions Have taken over, commandeered the mind motor, caged it and makes it function, incessantly. The requirements of their functions, obstruct, blocked, and prevented, Efforts to push the vehicle towards that serene state of creature idle.Mental Health

Naturally, the brain that is executive and the brain are biological. The functions do take control and are strong. They can modulate, or dis-regulate, emotions. They are behind activities and decisions. They are less in command of responses the brain, does, and often can, reevaluate and intercede functions that are executive. The vehicle can drive like the spark plugs are misfiring. And they are. Time to get a tune-up. Drive over the vehicle Towards the mind bay and rest a while. Be like a polar bear laying in the snow, a sea otter floating on its back be just like a simple animal, a mammal be like this magnificent ape, sitting, silent, at ease, surveying its domain, for hours, idle, and with no bully badgering it.