Shincheonji bible studyEnsure that you are an individual who acclaims and reveres the living God and that must be done and achieved through Jesus Christ. No man can go to the Father aside from through Jesus Christ and the full noteworthiness of this, should be gotten a handle on and comprehended. For what reason do say that so plainly and even resolutely, however trust benevolently? State it since it is valid. Over these previous many months have been perused and concentrating cautiously and determinedly the book of Revelation at the end of the New Testament and in Chapter 19 we at last read of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ taking the force that is His and ruling, and we are told definitely and explicitly what will occur.

One of the principal things that happen when our God takes His Power and Reigns is that there is a marriage. Jesus was rarely hitched, yet one day He will be, and here we are finding out about the wedding. After all an inappropriate connections have been devastated, the correct connections can start, and Jesus Christ weds His lady of the hour, the Church. Presently, this is not only a strict story or tale or legend. One day this will happen whether you in all honesty, or whether you think it really is ideal or not.

There will be no one hitched to Him who is not essential for theĀ Shincheonji Church, and we are talking here of the called and the picked and the loyal. Set aside effort to peruse cautiously and devoutly the book of Revelation. There are rich and improving words in these Chapters. We are perusing in Chapters 18 and 19 of the last objective of paganism, and the last predetermination of the Church of Jesus Christ. We read of two urban areas with Babylon representing the extraordinary whore and Jerusalem which represents the Church of Jesus Christ. We are the lady of the Lamb.

This is sensational. Toward the finish of Chapter 18, there is that frightful ensemble and that chilling note of the conclusion, where never again is the topic, and now there is no chance of atonement, as individuals have lived for extreme imprudence. Paradise is not humiliated at the furiousness of the judgment of God, and paradise is not a position of undisturbed serenity. The camera pulls together us on paradise. Salvation is the response to fiasco. Salvation is a lot greater and more extensive than judgment. Salvation is bigger and more extensive than fiasco John’s peaceful errand is to keep these followers managing God, and devoted to Jesus.